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Our firm’s practice areas span many areas of law for the convenience and benefit of Floridians in need of diverse legal services. We aim to help as many people as we can with our legal knowledge and experience, which is why we’ve become experts in personal injury law, Social Security and Veterans’ Disability law, insurance disputes, and appeals. You can rely on Chiappetta Trial Lawyers’ reputation, resources, and experience to get the job done right.
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  • Anyone injured in a truck accident in Florida can rely on Chiappetta Trial Lawyers to maximize their recovery. Our skilled Florida truck accident lawyers will stop at nothing to obtain the compensation you deserve.
  • With the increasing use of technology and the internet, cyber crimes have become more prevalent in our society. From identity theft to online harassment, these offenses can have a devastating impact on your personal and financial well-being.
  • If you have been on the receiving end of a defective product, you know how frustrating it can be. However, product defects are not just an abuse of consumer trust; they can also have dangerous outcomes for those who use and install them in their homes, offices, cars, and nurseries.
  • When you have a contract with an insurance company, you expect them to take your side in the event of a catastrophic weather event, serious illness, accident, or other covered incident. You have paid on time and in full – it's time for the insurance company to uphold their end of the bargain.
  • Victims of crimes in Florida can pursue compensation for their losses in civil court. However, filing a civil lawsuit is no easy task. Work with a Florida crime victims lawyer to recover your damages.
  • When you purchase a product, you expect a reasonable level of safety when using it as intended. Unfortunately, countless dangerous products are distributed and sold every day across the United States.
  • Florida's six appellate courts are located throughout the State in Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and Lakeland. These courts hear the majority of appeals filed in Florida, with the exception of federal appeals filed with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal.
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) awards disability benefits to former United States military service members who are now disabled as a result of their active duty service.
  • An accident caused by someone's careless behavior may form the basis of a successful personal injury claim in Florida. The challenging part for most injured individuals is determining whether they qualify to seek compensation in a civil claim.
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