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Co-Counsel with Chiappetta Trial Lawyers

Co-Counsel with Chiappetta Trial Lawyers

Sometimes, a case needs extra attention to detail and legal expertise, and that is exactly what is available at Chiappetta Trial Lawyers.

Nick Chiappetta has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of personal injury victims and individuals embroiled in insurance disputes. He is a highly respected Florida attorney for all things accident related and denied insurance coverage, in addition to civil and family appeals.

Home » Co-Counsel with Chiappetta Trial Lawyers

Product Liability Claims

Mr. Chiappetta is not afraid to bring large companies and their teams of defense attorneys to court. The pursuit of justice on behalf of those who have been wronged by a company’s negligence is worth the fight. Mr. Chiappetta is highly proficient in litigating and favorably resolving consumer product, medical product, defective vehicle parts, and toxic exposure claims on behalf of injured individuals and their loved ones.

Personal Injury Claims

Some accidents are very complex to litigate and, therefore, challenging for some lawyers to win compensation for. At Chiappetta Trial Lawyers, you can trust that a client’s needs will be thoroughly and efficiently met. Mr. Chiappetta leaves no stone unturned when exploring a client’s options for recovery and will waste no time bringing an at-fault party and their insurance provider to court so the injured party is absolutely certain that their legal counsel is doing everything in their power to fight for their best case outcome.

Crime Victim Lawsuits

One area of personal injury law that is often overlooked by attorneys is crime victim cases. In fact, even the victims themselves often do not realize they can pursue civil compensation regardless of whether the perpetrator is charged, prosecuted, or convicted. Chiappetta Trial Lawyers is here to remind crime victims and other attorneys that justice is a destination with many roads leading to it. In a world where criminal cases are largely unpredictable and left in the system’s hands, Mr. Chiappetta puts control back in the hands of crime victims by representing their interests and pursuing alternative justice in civil court on their behalf.

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Cyberbullying and Defamation

As new cases emerge, the limitations of laws surrounding cyberbullying and defamation are tested every day and expanded to cover more legal ground. The Internet presents many new challenges to these laws that some attorneys aren’t prepared to face, let alone overcome. With new interpretations of the law and precedent-setting cases, many clients can benefit from co-counsel relationships where lawyers combine their experience and knowledge to defend their rights. Mr. Chiappetta is eager to take on new, ground-breaking cyberbullying and defamation cases and succeed on behalf of vulnerable internet users.

Insurance Disputes

Whether a client has been denied PIP coverage or property damage coverage, or approved for inadequate coverage that should otherwise be available, Mr. Chiappetta has a way of putting pressure of insurance companies in negotiations and at trial.

Clients who come to Chiappetta Trial Lawyers for insurance disputes leave knowing they made the right choice.

State and Federal Appeals

In addition to civil claim filings, Chiappetta Trial Lawyers also confidently handles appeals at both the state and federal level. Mr. Chiappetta is well-versed in civil and family and criminal appeals and knows what to look for in each case type to maximize a case’s chances of success. Floridians seeking an appeal of a court’s decision can count on Chiappetta Trial Lawyers for outstanding representation and mastery of state and federal appellate laws and application.

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The Chiappetta Difference

Mr. Chiappetta takes seriously the task of winning cases on behalf of the voiceless and proves the value of the trust placed in him in every case.

Mr. Chiappetta prides himself on his compassionate, justice-driven legal approach with clients. He is passionate about helping families pick up the pieces when all seems lost, as well as individuals facing off against large corporations and insurance companies who put profits over people. Battling and winning against some of the best defense attorneys in the country has earned him a reputation for being a highly skilled and determined trial lawyer who will stop at nothing to obtain justice for his clients.

Referral attorneys and their clients get the following benefits when they work with Chiappetta Trial Lawyers:

Compassionate Legal Care

At Chiappetta Trial Lawyers, we understand the extremely sensitive nature of many civil cases involving injuries and families. One of Mr. Chiappetta’s guiding principles is the superiority of compassionate and empathetic legal advocacy, and he has refined his legal strategies to be cognizant and accommodating to a client’s most pressing needs. Every case is client-first at Chiappetta Trial Lawyers. Other attorneys can rest assured that anyone they refer to Chiappetta is getting the best possible service, which will only reflect well on their brand

Expansive and Esteemed Credentials

Mr. Chiappetta is a respected member of the Florida Bar Association and multiple county Bar Associations, as well as the Florida Justice Association. He is also admitted to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal, in addition to three of Florida’s U.S. District Courts (Southern, Middle, and Northern), and is certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution by National University. To read more about Mr. Chiappetta’s impressive credentials, click here.

Co-Counsel Fees

Attorneys can make money in the form of co-counsel fees on cases they would otherwise turn down by referring them to Chiappetta Trial Lawyers. Make every case a lucrative one by sending the clients you’re unable to help to Nick Chiappetta for qualified and confident legal representation.

Two-Way Partnership

If Mr. Chiappetta receives cases in areas of law he does not practice, he could refer those to other attorneys in his network. This is just one way other attorneys can benefit from developing professional relationships with Chiappetta Trial Lawyers. Gain access to more cases when you work with Chiappetta.

Join the Chiappetta Co-Counsel Network Today

When a case requires detailed oversight, compassionate legal counsel, and fearless representation, call Chiappetta Trial Lawyers. Attorney Nick Chiappetta provides the right combination of legal expertise and down-to-earth care that many other firms lack. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about the benefits of joining Chiappetta Trial Lawyers’ referral network.

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